“Food is my favorite dish”

My initial plan was just to drop in. I wanted to get an idea of the so called „Old Biscuit Mill“ in Woodstock and wanted to see what lies behind all these astonishing stories so many students have been telling me. Every single one of them called it “the place to be“ and recommended it to me quite confidently. – “Okay, I will be off then“, I was thinking to myself on a Saturday morning before I spontaneously ordered an Uber(-Taxi) to go there, “I am pretty sure that it is very likely just one of those popular and widespread food markets that mushroom up all over the world and will not especially differ from the others“. But far from it…

After saying goodbye to Beauty, my first female Uber driver that I have met after six months here in Cape Town, I walk in as cool as a cucumber. I did not expect anything special. But suddenly I can see that this place is more than that. “Wow, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!” I would never have thought that it is so charming, so lovely and …well, so crowded! The visitors are packed like sardines! The “Neighbourgoods Market“, which opens every Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm and that was held for the first time more than ten years ago, turns out to be my personal heaven on earth: Food! All around me and wherever I look. I am full of beans! I want to taste, to smell and to have a look at all the more than hundred food stalls at the same time – or to put it in a nutshell: I want to have my cake and eat it too!

The “Neighbourgoods Market“ is my favorite place in Cape Town. It is an institution for foodies. The vendors sell gourmet food, local products and delicious specialities such as healthy juices, fine smoothies, crisp salads, fresh vegetables and fruit as well as cocktails, craft beers, wine, tea and coffee. Just the mere sight makes my mouth water. Especially the red Rooibos ice tea is my favourite! Not only do I enjoy savouring the appetisingly prepared dishes like American Burgers, Indian curries, Italian Pizzas, Korean noodles, South African oysters, but also watching the Capetonian in-crowd and hundreds of food- and fun-loving tourists that gather in Woodstock every weekend.

Woodstock, only a stone’s throw away from the City Center, is a revitalized area in the Mother City, which is – I am telling you! – definitely worth a visit. In former times, after the emancipation of the slaves, who stayed in this part of the city for a long time, it became home for the coloured people and – not that long ago – blossomed into one of the most sought-after urban districts for the younger generation. Additionally to that it is the hottest location in town if you are interested in all kinds of art (the roads are full of streetart and graffiti), and the famous food bazaar showcases the widest variety of local and international food I have ever seen.

So, finally I have arrived at my personal point of interest! Finding it was actually a piece of cake, since I just followed my mates‘ advice! I am really looking forward to visiting the “Neighbourgoods Market“ again as soon as possible. Remember: The next weekend is just around the corner! ?

Bye the way, while I am writing this little story about my haunt in Cape Town I nibble on a cupcake called „Death by chocolate“ that I brought back home from there. Pretty damn lekker!

One thought on ““Food is my favorite dish”

  1. Liebe Agnes ! Nachdem wir nur ein “Streiflicht” von SA zu sehen bekommen haben,könnte einen der Neid fresses,was Du alles siehst bzw.gesehen und erlebt hast.Allein die “Garden Rout” war für uns einfach “fad” Rechts und Links der Strasse nur Felder bzw.Ödnis Von Ryzna haben wir praktisch nichts mitbekommen,ausser der “Waterfront” dann wurde es auch schon finster.Vom Boot aus sahen wir gar nichts mehr.”Wilderness” eine Hotelanlage in der Nähe des Meeres.Punkt, aus. Am intressantesten fand ich die Fahrt von Kapstadt zum südlichsten Punkt Afrikas. Dann die Pinguine.Mit Allem rechnet man,aber nicht damit.Wir können es gar nicht mehr erwarten,bis du kommst und vieles erzählst. Übrigens Geld für das gestohlene Handy habe ich schon bekommen. Bis bald Agnes. Viele Grüsse ,Fritz

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